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Warning: Fraudulent websites and booking agencies

The meeting industry is confronted with an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate legitimate meeting websites, and booking agencies that are not authorised to make bookings for meeting participants. 

The Conference Company Ltd wishes to advise 2024 Joint ARA and NZRA Annual Scientific Meeting participants to be aware of possible scams and urges all participants to only use the official website 

The Conference Company Ltd is the only official accommodation agency for 2024 Joint ARA and NZRA Annual Scientific Meeting. 

If you are contacted by any other company or agency offering accommodation for 2024 Joint ARA and NZRA Annual Scientific Meeting, please note that these companies are not authorised to represent the annual scientific meeting in any way, nor do they have access to the officially contracted room blocks or rates. 

Imitation sites and agencies invite meeting participants to supply their personal details including credit card information, in return for a promise to provide travel and accommodation. Please be aware that these unauthorised companies might not deliver what they promise, and in fact may not deliver anything to the meeting participant at all despite charging the credit card. 

If you have any questions around the legitimacy of a supposed meeting website, or are contacted by any such agency, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Telephone (NZ): + 64 9 360 1240 or (Australia): 1800 193 405

2024 Joint ARA and NZRA Annual Scientific Meeting

Meeting organisers: The Conference Company

Phone (within Australia): 1800 193 405
Phone (New Zealand): 
+64 9 360 1240

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