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Sunday 19 May 2024

Multidisciplinary Care in CTD-ILD

Time: 0730 - 0815 (breakfast served at 0715)

Speakers: Dr. Matthew Parker, Prof. Mandana Nikpour, Dr John Mackintosh

Boehringer Ingelheim invites you to join our expert panel chaired by Prof. Mandana Nikpour to discuss the essential role of rheumatologists in the management of interstitial lung disease in connective tissue diseases (CTD-ILD). Together, we will explore the critical role of the multidisciplinary team in the diagnosis and management of CTD-ILD patients.

Which measures matter? A discussion on the clinical outcomes of most value in the management of PsA and axSpA.

Time: 0730 - 0815 (breakfast served at 0715)

Speakers: A/Prof Mona Marabani, Dr Andrew Foote, Dr Hanish Bagga

In line with the goals of both clinicians and their patients, recent recommendations advocate for achieving low disease activity or remission in the management of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA)1-5. However, a consensus on which clinical measures are most effective for assessing these targets is lacking. While the outcomes required for clinical trials offer robust measurements of defined treatment targets, they may not always address the practical considerations necessary for evaluating patients in a real-world setting. In this context, how can incorporating elements of higher treatment targets enhance patient outcomes and treatment success? UCB Australia cordially invites you to participate in an interactive discussion on the most valuable clinical outcomes across PsA and axSpA. We will explore how your patients can benefit from striving for the measures that matter most.

Bridging the Gap - A journey from clinical trials to the patient experience in the real world

Time: 1245 - 1345 (Lunch served at 1230)

Chair: Prof Rebecca Grainger

Speakers: Prof Lai-Shan Tam & A/Prof Andrew Östör

Treating patients with rheumatic diseases is challenging and influenced by many factors that require a tailored approach. The international panel of experts will highlight and discuss key factors that can influence the optimal treatment approach in RA & SpA. You can also look forward to an update to emerging real-world evidence in this space and the importance of this data to inform clinical decision making.

Monday 20 May 2024

The Evolving Rheumatology Patient Care Model:The expanding role of the community pharmacist in Australia

Time: 0730 - 0815 (breakfast served at 0715)

Chair: A/Prof Andrew Östör

Speakers: George Tambassis & Dr Queenie Luu 

Arrotex invites you to join our export panel as they discuss:

  • Updates to the PBS Authority requirements for bio-naive patients
  • The role of the community pharmacist in rheumatology patient care with the expansion of the Pharmacy Scope of Practice

Making the invisible visible – A surgical perspective on the degenerative spine in the era of modern treatment for spondyloarthropathy

Time: 0730 - 0815 (breakfast served at 0715)

Speakers: A/Prof. Yi Yang & Dr Tim Bennett

Making the Invisible Visible is a collaborative case-based presentation between rheumatology and spinal surgeon experts. Hear the experts discuss current diagnostic challenges and approaches in SpA using real patient cases. 

  • Gain insight into the use of imaging in the differential diagnosis of SpA and increase confidence in the critical interpretation of imaging findings.
  • Address the key role IL-17A plays in the pathogenesis of SpA; such as inflammation maintenance, syndesmophytes formation, and radiographic progression
  • Understand the importance of earlier escalation in treatment for patients with active SpA who are younger, healthier with fewer co-morbidities and a reduced risk of poly-pharmacy

Psoriatic Arthritis: How best to provide holistic care in 2024 

Time: 1245 - 1345 (Lunch served at 1230)

Speakers: Professor Stephen Hall, Dr Hugh De Lautour, Samantha Shearman, Dr Stephanie Brown

PsA presents a complex challenge, requiring a multifaceted approach for effective management. Novartis symposium brings together experts in rheumatology, dietetics and physiotherapy to explore a holistic approach to PsA management.

  • Overview of PsA and role of biologics in management of the disease.- Role of holistic approaches with a focus on integration of pharmacological interventions with lifestyle modifications, including diet and exercise to address the diverse needs of PsA patients.
  • Nutritional strategies: the dietitian will discuss the role of diet in managing inflammation and promoting joint health. Offering practical dietary recommendations for PsA patients.
  • Exercise and physical therapy: ther Physiotherapist will highlight the importance of physical activity and demonstrate evidence based exercises tailored to improve strength, flexibility and function in PsA.

Transition to Transfer: challenges in adolescent and young adult rheumatology

Time: 1245 - 1345 (Lunch served at 1230)

Speakers: Dr Mark Friswell

Numerous challenges are encountered in rheumatology in the care of adolescents and young adults. This session will present real-world case studies and an overview of the research findings in this area. Learn more about transitional care at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, the challenges encountered, and participate in an engaging discussion on how rheumatologists caring for paediatric patients and those caring for adults can partner to improve this transition.

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